Readout Instruments

Beside its production of scales and load cells, LMI also manufactures a wide variety of electronic instruments to be used with the scales. These include the following:

LS4 – Simple readout instrument, but it has a number of features, such as:  Algorithm for stabilizing oscillating and unstable loads – Zero and Tare buttons – Hold mode (keeps the load on the display) – Fine mode (used on small loads, it show much higher accuracy) – Statistical functions. It is used on: Livestock scales, platform scales, hanging scales.

LS4F – Similar to the LS4, it is used on the Feeder Scales.

LS4S – Used on silo scales

LS4B – Used on batching systems. Programmable, it operates switches for batching purposes.


LS210 – This instrument is mainly  used on weighbridges and axle scales (digital loadcells). It presents a variety of features, such as single loadcell viewing, setting of user fields, diagnostics, etc.


LS1000 – Used in the LS1000 feeder system. It can be programmed by the user from a PC with different feeding formulas, and it records daily feeding operation to be downloaded to the PC for data analysis. Transfer of data is done via a portable data module.

LS2000 – Dedicated to the livestock scales,it allows to determine average daily growth while in the field.

Apart from the standard instruments, LMI can also produce custom-made instrumentation, and software tailored to the customer’s specific needs.