Container Scales

Unveiling LMI’s innovative container scales, the ultimate solution for efficient and precise container weighing. Engineered with advanced technology, these scales provide accurate measurements for shipping containers, streamlining cargo handling processes and ensuring compliance with weight regulations. Experience enhanced productivity and seamless container weighing with LMI’s cutting-edge solutions.

Container Scale small file

The LMI container scale consists of three robust steel pads equipped with loadcells.

The pads are positioned at 6 m intervals, in order to allow weighing of both 20’ and 40’ containers.

Each steel pad, of dimensions 2.8 x 1 m, is equipped with 4 loadcells.

Capacity of each pad is 30 tons.

The readout instrument allows to memorize the weight of empty containers, which is then automatically subtracted to give the nett weight. The instrument can be connected to a PC for data storage and statistical analysis.