Portable wheel scale

Are you in need of precise and convenient solutions for weighing vehicles, whether they’re fixed or mobile? Look no further. Libra Measuring Instruments is proud to introduce our state-of-the-art Portable Wheel Scales, designed to meet your weight measurement needs with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy.

Key Features:

In-Motion or Static Weighing: The complete system comprises two pads, each measuring 600mm in length and 1000mm in width, positioned side by side. The weighing process is in motion, allowing vehicles to drive slowly (at speeds less than 15km/h) over the two pads.

Cost-Effective and User-Friendly: Our portable wheel scales are designed with affordability and ease of use in mind, making them a practical choice for various industries.

Robust and Suitable for Tractor or Trailer: Engineered for durability and capable of handling the weight of tractors and trailers, these scales are built to last.

Combination Weighing: Our scales allow for combination weighing, making it easy to obtain precise measurements for vehicles with multiple axles.

Single Axle Weighing: Whether you need to weigh a single axle or an entire vehicle, our scales provide accurate results.

Low Profile, Minimal Space Required: With a low-profile design, these scales can be installed with minimal space requirements, making them suitable for a variety of locations.

Fixed or Semi-Mobile: Choose between a fixed installation or a semi-mobile setup based on your specific needs and preferences.

Alternative for Weighbridge: Our portable wheel scales are a low-cost alternative to traditional weighbridges, simplifying the weighing procedure while maintaining almost the same accuracy.

Data Download to PC: Weighing data can be easily downloaded to a PC for record-keeping and analysis, streamlining your workflow.

Weighing Procedure:

  1. As the vehicle moves over the pads, the instrument automatically records readings each time a wheel passes over, accumulating these measurements to calculate the total weight.
  2. It’s important that the vehicle is level both before and after it crosses the scale.
  3. The recorded weight data is stored, allowing the vehicle to load or offload its cargo. After this, the weighing process is repeated, and the payload information is printed onto a weighbill.
  4. When coupled with LMI Weighbridge Management Software (WMS), the system can configure the vehicle’s axle arrangement and incorporate group axle mass capacities in line with legislative requirements. This feature provides alerts for potential overloading situations.
  5. Tare weights can be permanently stored, streamlining the weighing process and reducing overall weighing time.

Power and Instrumentation:

  • The readout instrument is versatile and can be powered using either 220V AC or 12V DC. It can also be seamlessly connected to a PC for efficient file storage and comprehensive reporting.

Data Storage:

  • Our system allows for the setup of user-defined fields on the instrument, simplifying data management for reporting purposes.

Specifications and Warranty:

Maximum Capacity:15Tons
Length and Width (more sizes available)2 of 600mm x 1000mm
Weighing increments20Kg