Livestock Scales

Robust, Accurate, Versatile, Fixed or Portable

LMI livestock scales consist of two load bars and a digital readout instrument. We also supply a full range of crates and platforms, neck and body clamps, which are bolted on top of the two load bars.

Alternatively, the load bars can be placed under any existing crate or platform. All the readout instruments are equipped with a stabilizing algorithm, which eliminates the spikes and oscillations in the measurement caused by very lively animals, and gives a stable reading.

Tag reading

LMI manufactures livestock tag readers, which connect to the LS4Wi-Fi instrument. These tags are attached to the animal’s ear and can be scanned with the LMI reader up to a distance of 100mm.


LS4/LS4Wi-Fi instrument can operate from 220V AC, as well as 12V DC. A USB cable with a 220V AC adaptor is supplied. For 12V DC supply, the vehicle USB port is used.


Maximum Capacity2000 kg
Capacity range 300 kg to 10000 kg
Length of load bars600/800/1000mm
Height of load bars100mm
Weight of 1 load bar8kg to 20kg
Accuracy1kg (200g in fine mode)


The Ls4 and LS4WiFi is a simple readout instrument, hand-held, fine mode, with basic statistical functions available on the instrument. The L4Wi-Fi instrument can connect to LMI’s Android software application (app) on any mobile device via its Wi-Fi connection.

The instrument can also be connected to an electronic tag RFID reader for identifying the animal
tag number. The ID can also be entered if a reader is not used.

Some of the application features are:

  • Stores all weighing information (date, time, mass, ID, etc.).
  • User fields with pre-populated drop-down lists for quick weighing (e.g., Breed, Gender, Medicine).
  • Calculates the Average daily growth of weighed animals.
  • High and Low Limits for 3-direction animal sorting (Mass above High, between High and Low, or Under Low) and Average daily growth sorting.
  • Summary reports for groups of animals weighed (e.g., Group weight, Average animal weight).
  • Data export via email or messaging application from the mobile device.

Application Screenshots :