Crane – Hanging Scales

LMI supplies advanced crane scales, offering accurate weight readings for lifting applications in various industries. These versatile scales attach to cranes and hoists, providing real-time data during lifting operations. With wireless communication and user-friendly features, LMI’s crane scales enhance safety, efficiency, and productivity in heavy-duty environments.

Industrial digital scales use weight check in factory and overhead crane

LMI supplies a variety of hanging scales and crane scales, ranging from a minimum of 5 kg up to 50 tons capacity.

The smaller capacities (5 to 50 kg) have a digital readout incorporated in the scale. In the medium capacities (500 kg up to 10 tons) the scale is separated from the readout, which can be hand-held or fixed to a stand. In the highest capacities (20-50 tons) the readout is again incorporated in the scale.

The scales can be connected to a simple readout instrument of the LS4 type, or to an LS2 with an alphanumeric keyboard and PC connection.

Hanging Models And Their Capacity

The following models of hanging scales are available: