Feeder Mixer Scales

The LMI feeder mixer scales and feed management system offer significant assistance to livestock farmers. These advanced tools enable farmers to efficiently manage and monitor feed distribution, ensuring optimal nutrition for their livestock. With the integration of precise weighing capabilities and sophisticated feed management features, these systems enhance overall efficiency, reduce wastage, and contribute to the well-being and productivity of the livestock.

  • A professional way to feed your livestock
  • Ensures correct mixtures, record mix data as well as a feed distribution
  • Transfer of mixtures and recorded weighing information with WiFi or memory button to a PC

Precision feeder cart system

The LMI feeder mixer scales and feed management system constitute an invaluable help to the farmer. The scales consist of 3 or 4 loadcells, which are inserted between the chassis and the container. The loadcells are connected to an electronic display instrument which gets bolted to the front or the side of the mixer or wagon. We supply loadcells for any type of existing mixer or wagon. The instrumentation cancels the effects of vibration, and load oscillation and provides stable readings while the mixer is operating. The Windows-based LMIFEED software is a complete feed management package for the most efficient feeding. In the easy-to-use, pop-up windows, complete feeding formulas and schedules are set up. These schedules are then transferred to the Ls1000 instrument via a download button or Wi-fi connection. All mixer data stored in the instrument are transferred back, at the completion of the feeding operation, to the PC to be processed by the LMIFEED software. From this information, a wide range of reports can be generated.

Wagon Scales

Wagon scales are also used for other applications such as weighing silo wagons to monitor and control grain movement and production, feed distribution in feedlots and fertilizer spreaders etc. For these wagons the scales can consist of up to 10 loadcells or more depending on the size and capacity of the wagon.


1. LS4F (simple readout) – It presents the following features:

  • Stable reading while the machine is operating
  • Zero buttons to cancel unwanted mass
  • LCD display with backlighting
  • Easy calibration

2. LS1000D (feed management)  – It is supplied with PC-based software.

  • Up to 32 recipes can be stored for easy selection
  • Each mix consists of any number of components as well as messages to ease operator use
  • Indication on the screen when a component is underloaded or overloaded
  • All the information of up to 200 mixes can be stored on the instrument for downloading to a PC
  • LCD display (very big screen) with backlight
  • Remote display and remote tare button (optional)
  • The formulas are programmed on the computer and transferred to the instrument with a portable data module. Vice versa, the daily mixing operation recorded on the instrument is transferred to the PC through the same data module. If desired, programming can be done directly on the instrument.
Capacity range of scale500Kg to 60 000Kg
Accuracy1% of full scale
Length of scale assemblyWagon size
Height of scale60mm to 120mm
Weight of scale2Kg to 50Kg (loadcells only)