Silo scales

LMI SIlo Scales are designed for fast, accurate and safe entry and exit weighing of free-flowing materials such as grain, corn, feed, powder and granules. We offer a full range of silo weighing and batching systems that can be tailored to suit any silo or vessel, whatever the contents.

Load sensors are applied underneath the poles supporting the silo.

  • Feed usage and turnover can be monitored continuously.
  • The system gives you assurance that the correct amount of feed bought has been received.
  • The system monitors automatically even when the user is not present.
  • Any number of silos can be monitored.
  • The software allows to display of individual loading data, as well as total data for silos.
  • The information stored in each silo scale is transferred with a portable data module or Wi-Fi to a computer.
  • The load sensors are non-rustable and completely waterproof.
  • Up to 16 silo supports can be equipped with sensors.
Capacity1Ton to 300Ton
Accuracy0.1% of Load
Repeatability0.1% of Load
Technical information
LS4S with WI-FI
Maximum Capacity1Ton to 300Tons
Height100mm to 200mm
Weighing increments0.1kg to 20kg
Warranty12 months
Specifications and Warranty
Software Interface