Rail Scales

Discover LMI’s high-performance railway scales, engineered to deliver accurate and reliable weighing solutions for the railway industry. With robust construction and advanced technology, these scales can handle heavy loads, ensuring compliance with weight regulations and enhancing operational efficiency. Experience seamless weighing operations and precise measurements with LMI’s state-of-the-art railway scales.


LMI rail scales are inserted into an existing tract of rails. A length of 2.7 m of rails gets cut to insert the scale.
The scale is provided with 4 loadcells of 30 ton capacity each (total scale capacity = 120 tons).
The scale works in motion, with a maximum train speed of 10 km/h. First the train gets weighed with empty wagons, in order to obtain the tare. Then the train is loaded, and it gets weighed again. The software calculates the difference (nett weight), and it allows to record and store: single bogie weight, wagon weight, total train weight.

Maximum train speed10KM/H
Railscale Specs
Railscale software