Group Axle Scales

Discover the cost-effective, user-friendly, and robust solution that sets a new standard in accurate static weighing. The LMI Group Axle Weigher offers unmatched accuracy, making it the best alternative to traditional weighbridges. Experience streamlined weighing processes without compromising accuracy or efficiency.

  • Low installation costs
  • Budget-friendly
  • Fixed or semi-mobile
  • Low profile, minimal space required
  • Weighing data can be downloaded to the PC disk

Details :
The complete system consists of two platforms/pads 3500mm long x 1000mm wide, placed next to each other.

Weighing Procedure: The weighing process is static. The vehicle is driven onto the scale and comes to a stop with the first axle on the pad. Once the axle is weighed, the vehicle moves forward and halts with the next axle group on the pads. This sequence is repeated until all axle groups are weighed. It’s essential for the vehicle to be leveled both before and after using the scale. The mass of the group axle is stored and then printed on the weigh bill. Tare weights can be recorded as permanent weights, reducing the need for multiple weighings and thereby decreasing weighing time.

In cases where LMI Weighbridge Management Software (WMS) is utilized, the vehicle’s axle configuration can be configured, and group axle mass capacities in accordance with legislation can be added. This configuration will provide warnings to users regarding potential overloading situations.


Power and Instrumentation

The readout instrument can be operated with 220V AC or with 12V DC. It can also be connected to a PC for file storage and reporting.

Data Storage

User fields can be set-up on the instrument to manage weighing data for reporting.

Maximum Capacity30 Tons
Length and Width 3500 mm x 1000mm each
Height 60 mm
Weighing increments10 Kg
Warranty12 Months
Specifications and Warranty